Social Media 1click Management

Social Media 1click Management

Facebook.  LinkedIn.  Twitter.  These are only just a few names in the social media world.

The Social Media trend has changed the world as we know it.  It enables millions to connect to one another at the blink of an eye.  From cat pictures to blog posts users are free to share ideas and opinions like never before.

If you have a healthcare practice, it’s an integral part of your digital strategy and an invaluable way to connect with your patient base. But when running a business, time is precious.  You have so much to focus on that updating your social media accounts is at the back of your mind.  And if not, chances are that your focal point is on one, maybe two sites total.

So how do you manage all of these social media sites that are out there?

With JV Innovations’ Social Media 1click management system.

Now you can update, schedule, and manage numerous accounts all at once!  At the single click of a button you can update up to 5 accounts and plan out campaigns for a month or even a year in advance.

And don’t worry about keeping track of the data – we’ll do it for you!

Social Media Analytics are integrated directly into your website so you can make sure to get the most out of every campaign.  Talk about simple.

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